Wednesday, November 14, 2018

BOZO Heinz 57 Variety Pooch

Heinz 57 Variety is a mixture of all kinds of things.  Bozo is one big mixture of wools - colors, textures and breeds!   Leicester, Romney and Rambouillet. All natural colors and Locks!  I was able to blend the natural Black, White and Gray fibers to match BOZO's color combinations.  Bozo sits about 6" tall from the tip of his ears to the bottom of his paws. He's about 10-12" long and 7" wide.  He has 1 white and 3 black paws, a cool little smirk on his face, a big black nose and 1 Large BLACK EYE!

 He was playing around with his mouse . . . I  guess he didn't want to play with it any more.  I can look in his toy box for something else -a toy bone, cat or anything special. Just ask!

BOZO is OOAK! He will be moving to the VAULT Art Gallery for the Holiday this season. 
Are you interested? Order him ASAP! 
BOZO is selling on etsy $65.  You can go thru the door on the top right sidebar of the 1st page to  see more pictures and make your purchase.

Sunday, October 21, 2018

Thank Jamie

 HOOKED ON WOOL PRIMITIVES                                                           JAMIE WILLIS

                                                                         FIBER ART

     NEEDLE FELTED  WOOL                                                       QUILTS TIE DYED MATERIAL                                          

 WOOL CREATURES with more FABRIC                           ANTIQUE CROCKS AND FIBER ART

HANDBAGS  BOOK COVERS                                                            PAINTING WITH WOOL


Thursday, March 15, 2018

Class at The Vault on March 17th

I’ll be bring all the wool supplies for the Rabbit —- ALONG WITH extra goodies for Easter!

Bring your foam and needles IF you do not have foam or needles, I have them for sale in my gallery.

Don’t forget to call The Vault (217-599-1215) put your name on my list 😀

Saturday, February 17, 2018


 the SALE price for EWE JUGGLE WITH JO-"E" BALLS to $19 -

you can email me at
the Vault at   or  call 217-599-1215 they can put a set on hold for you, let me know and I'll get it mailed out. Wool Balls will not match shown in ad or on the floor.  I am able to make special colors for an additional price.

Wednesday, February 14, 2018

News Letter 2/14

Things are going along a little on the slow side.  There was a Market sale in the Square this past weekend - I opted not to attend. My Grandson's Basketball team was on their way to State Champion games.  First round they played a team from Greenville - as the maps say - part of  St. Louis!  Our 8th grade Monticello boys are good but Greenville had all the height on them.  Cooper is our rebound man.  He shoots good - loves those 3 pointers - But just not with it for that game.  The boys had a difficult time shooting at all! A Great game for learning & experience..
  They had an awesome season - Watch out they will be back next year!

I've been working in my the room at The Vault.  Spring is coming, snowman weather is on it's way out .  SO time to change the décor.  Plus, Jamie and I might be getting a new room mate. Mike will be moving his shelving units out of the room.  I hope we can keep some of the crocks - they give that extra ambience to the room.
Beth  from the Guild is interested in joining us at the Vault.  She has the knittings and weavings that will fit just right with my feltings and Jamie's quilts, hand dyed materials 
I've been working on a couple of new pieces. Right now a tiger and a horse.  The basic body on each is finished - I know they will be staying the same.  

Classes are starting up with a lot of different vendors at the Vault..  Jan Van Bokel has already had 2 painting classes.  Rich has given a class in water color painting.  I've had 2 classes and a third coming up tomorrow with Needle Felting. We felted Penguins, snowmen and tomorrow Cardinals.
Watch for my class or classes in March!

A new group will be coming in - an instrument teacher specializing in guitar.  Jamie is putting a class together for making a loaf of Bunny Bread! Rich will be signing people up for another water color class.

Keep your eyes open for upcoming events on FB -  the vault art gallery.


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