Saturday, August 5, 2017

Summer Sales in Wisconsin

      We are Off to the Sales in Wisconsin with Carol Black and EWESFUL GIFTS.

HOOKED ON WOOL PRIMITIVES will be located  in the Wisconsin State Fair held in Milwaukee from August 3-13 and Wisconsin Sheep & Wool Festival in September 8-10, Jefferson, Wisconsin.

EWESFUL GIFTS is  Great place to find those Ewenique special gifts for Housewarmings, bridal showers, birthdays, Moms or Dads day, Friends Day or a really cool Holiday gift! 

REMEMBER _ my things may be up on a shelf - so ask to see them & tell them Joellyn sent you!

Hooked On Wool Primitives items are all handmade an home designed!  Santa, Gnomes, Snowmen, my Felted Bears, my Kitchen Witches - last but not least - my DRYER BALLS!

Each of my pieces is ONE OF A KIND!  You will find another Santa or Kitchen Witch - even another polar bear! Each is their one character. Each is Ewenique from the next one!  I like to say there are no twins!

Here are a couple of Santa figures & wool painting of a snowman.

Santa on the left is about 5" tall from his waist to the top of his hat. The snowman is painted on a snowy white background  of wool.  Then framed in a nice old looking country frame.  Santa on the right is approx. 9" from the bottom of his feet to the tippy top of the puff ball of his hat. I'm working on a couple of orders now.

Off To Wisconsin State Fair with EWESFUL GIFTS
 A SPECIAL Gift will sit just right in his lap

****NEW This Year -  Gnomes 
I make special ones at anytime of the year
This young black bear found a jar of honey in my kitchen!  
He'll bring it along with him to your house!

This little Kitchen Witch is going to help prepare the dessert!sold

Each Kitchen Witch is really great for a housewarming gift! or - a BRIDAL SHOWER! what a Ewenique idea!! ( A lot of  brides can get as much in the kitchen help as possible!)

There is still time for you to order!  What character are you interested in?  To capture the full look,  send me 3 pictures to study or a name for me to google.


  contact me on my email: - 

Sunday, April 30, 2017

OPEN HOUSE at the VAULT, Tuscola​!

Chocolate Sundaes on Saturday - May 6
Join HOOKED ON  WOOL PRIMITIVES  in the VAULT     Saturday, May 6
EWE-NIQUE One Of A Kind Needle Felted Wool Gifts   with several items special for your special Mom. Special Prices on Special pieces.
Meet our 25 -30 Vendors - Listen to their stories  - their ways of expressing what we all see - Everyone can have the same thought, can see the same subject - but no 2 people will do it exactly the same way.
Ask lots of questions- why do you like to paint? What kind of camera do you like to use?  How old were you when you started? 
MEET THE ARTISTS 2-3      Each vendor wants to help you understand their form of art.
Get a stamp on you hand for a     ****SMALL HOT FUDGE SUNDAE   -- $1.00***** at
Flesor's Candy Kitchen located at the other end of the block!
MOTHER'S DAY is MAY 14.   Fantastic Original & EWE-NIQUE Gifts for that SPECIAL MOM!    Lots of parking  
Find me and say HELLO!

Saturday, January 7, 2017



Woodstock Spring Fling

Market in The Square

COMMON GROUND, Lincoln Square, Urbana Illinois

TEXTURE home, Champaign Illinois
TWO T'S  Arcola, Illinois


Sunday, December 18, 2016

Another HOLIDAY Saturday 12/17/2016 at The Market in The Square located in Urbana -- Lincoln Square.

Purchased Saturday as a family. " I just can't break them up - This one is just too cute!"  pointing to the blue cap and orang nose!
 Three Angels Protecting and Teaching you how to start a New Life.
100% WOOL DRYER BALLS really popular in the trio this year! They really enjoy picking out their favorite colors!


A EWE-nique addition to Home Collections
Nativity scenes
Welcome to a New Home
Each box of Black face sheep comes with 2 white fleeced sheep and 1 black sheep with black fleece. they say
"There's at least 1 BLACK SHEEP in
Every family!"
We do make red faced, tan faced and white faced sheep at your request

PRUDENCE - This Kitchen Witch wearing a purple apron and matching purple head band is going to be a "Ewe"nique help in the kitchen for a friend's new home!  She stands about 4.5" tall

Questions??  Get in touch with me at: 
check out Hooked On Wool Primitives on FB  for new items

Saturday, November 12, 2016


Monticello Sages Owl
One Of A Kind
For Sale at the  Market In The Square
Lincoln Square, Urbana
email me for info

New finds at Lincoln Square and the Vault in Tuscola

Kitchen Witches -   Betsey loves to welcome her family home for the weekend with one of her famous apple pies.  The apples are fresh off the tree in the basket by her feet.  Her granddaughters having been practicing pie making  - the winner of this year's contest will make the apple pie for this years Thanksgiving dessert! 
 Betsey is wearing a long black dress needle felted from natural black Cotswold wool with a pretty apple red apron of Merino wool. Her natural grey hair is tied back with a mixed red band of needle felted wool. Her potholders are a holiday gold wool - Wool absorbs heat so she won't burn her hands!

8" Tall -


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