Saturday, November 12, 2016


Monticello Sages Owl
One Of A Kind
For Sale at the  Market In The Square
Lincoln Square, Urbana
email me for info


Monticello Sages Owl
One Of A Kind
For Sale at the  Market In The Square
Lincoln Square, Urbana
email me for info

New finds at Lincoln Square and the Vault in Tuscola

Kitchen Witches -   Betsey loves to welcome her family home for the weekend with one of her famous apple pies.  The apples are fresh off the tree in the basket by her feet.  Her granddaughters having been practicing pie making  - the winner of this year's contest will make the apple pie for this years Thanksgiving dessert! 
 Betsey is wearing a long black dress needle felted from natural black Cotswold wool with a pretty apple red apron of Merino wool. Her natural grey hair is tied back with a mixed red band of needle felted wool. Her potholders are a holiday gold wool - Wool absorbs heat so she won't burn her hands!

8" Tall -



Welcomes You to Join Us!
We are located inside The Vault Arts Collective, 100 Main St. Tuscola, Il
showing and selling at
MARKET IN THE SQUARE, Lincoln Square Urbana, Il
each Saturday of the month

Kitchen Witches Clementine and Bernice

Pretty Pin Cushions
Dryer Balls Available at:

the VAULT, Tuscola, Il
COMMON GROUND, outside Lincoln Square Urbana, Il
TEXTURE Home, Windsor Rd, Champaign

 ALL Kinds of S"LAMB" bookmarks

Special Santa for Julie :-)

My big gold kitty
A Happy Snowman at the Vault

 at the VAULT in Tuscola, Il


Introducing my new KICHEN WITCH - - BETSEY

Kitchen Witch Creed

Look who's landed in your kitchen
Bringing fortune to your home
It's me the lucky kitchen witch
Your special little gnome

I'll end burnt pots
I'll keep meals hot
I'll do such magic chores
For I'm your lucky kitchen witch
Keep me safe by your kitchen door

BETSEY always welcomed us home with a her homemade yummy~ special ~ apple pie.  She knew her son-in-law and granddaughters were looking forward to it every year.  Once the girls learned how to cook, making homemade apple pies became a contest! It was a fun time for everyone!

Mom would be 96 this year! She would love to share her pie with you!

Betsey is 9" tall and is needle felted with 100% wool. The core is a Romney wool around a wire base.   Her dress is needle felted from natural Black Welsh Mountain wool fibers. The red of her apple apron and her shoes are needle felted with a natural dyed Corriedale wool.  Her hair is shaped in a bun and accessorized with a apple red bow. It is felted with a natural grey Lincoln wool from Wisconsin.  A basket of apples is by her feet.

Each one of my pieces wear a Made With Love heart.

She's taking the pie out of the oven with 100% Wool Potholders

 Wool does not burn - it absorbs heat to protect your hands from burning and great to use as hot pads just as hot pads!!
Betsey will be for sale at  Market In The Square, Lincoln Square, Urbana , Illinois this weekend     11/12/2016

Interested get in touch with me before she goes home with the wrong person!

Friday, April 29, 2016

Needle Felted Baby African Elephant One Of A Kind handmade in USA

My new baby African elephant.  Can you believe??? This creature of Africa started out to be a Cat!

She has large fan like ears, a long trunk - altho I'm pretty sure it will grow longer as she grows bigger- 4 toenails in the front and 5 in the toenails back.   She is a cutie to add to your Elephant collection! Or she's a cutie to Start a collection!

This baby elephant stands about 5" from the top of the head, a little more for the ears, by 6" - give or take from the tip of the ears to the back legs x4" wide. She has been needle felted with a natural gray Romney combed wool.  It looks very much like to natural color of an elephant AND has that new baby hairy look.

I'm not always so Political --  However -- How many other Republican friends do you know with a Homemade, Handmade Needle Felted Elephant in their collections?  AND with All USA materials?

You can find her on my etsy site for sale  $55.00 
Interested in purchasing her?   She is   ONE Of A KIND send me a message on etsy

or email on  BE SURE to say Elephant for subject!   I'll give you a code# to put in for FREE shipping!

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